The most frequent question in my head is will I make it,especially will I make it safe? 

And the answer that I’m always repeating myself is,yes you will and even if not,you will fail while doing what you love. 

Many people are afraid to live life as they want to. Main reasons are because :

FEAR: Fear is the most common sign in everyday life. If you can meet your fear on the other side,you are already a winner.

ROUTINE: They are so used to routine that they can’t quit it,even so they really want to do it. 

MONEY AND SAFETY: The thought of being unable to pay for rent or food is frightening. Money represents safety in every way,because without money you can’t do shit,they say. 

EGO: Some people just don’t know what they really want to achieve in their life.

Every human has it’s own right to do what they want to do. I’m discovering more deeper value of everyone’s will to live. Mostly people don’t think about deeper meaning. 

As I was blabbing about this,here is a proper picture of “the mood”. 


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