Colour: Orange

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I’m thinking what does the colour orange mean to me? It means warm feeling in my heart,it feels like sunsets,sunrise,warm skin,new world,new thinking,changing and so on..
When I look at the pictures they all mean the same to me – change.
Everybody has experienced at least one time in their life the positive change and the big big change. It could be when they move out of the country or even when they changed their job to something new. Every change is terrifying,just to think about it,to change your “routine” to some other routine or even not to any other routine,just to flow in your own life – that could be even more terrifying.
My last life changing experience or more mind changing experience was exactly here one month ago in Nepal. Still it passed one month from being there,but when I think about it,when I look at the pictures it feels like a dreams that you can easly go back and thank them for being there for you.
I have travelled a lot here in Europe and one time in Nepal,but it was really short and I wasn’t alone. Second time in Nepal I went alone without any plans and I had one month which is for my opinion the minimum time for travelling in another country.
The colour orange was always with me,especially now. I have found that peace and courage,especially the second one,to do something that I have never done before.
Listen to your heart,do what makes you happy, life is to short to wait for others. You have to be able to be alone with yourself and do things you want to do,no matter what. Fear is always present,but thats life and in the end it’s totally worth it!

ORANGE,orange is the colour of change,of power and will to change. Make your innerself free,make yourself free,it’s beautiful.



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